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When you buy a new home for sale in Lakewood or Long Beach, moving day can really creep up on you - but make sure you know these three things before you dive into packing or hiring a moving company:

  • You won’t get a moving company’s best quote online

  • You’ll probably save money if you take apart your furniture yourself

  • You may want more than basic insurance

Let’s take a closer look at each of these things.

#1. You won’t get a moving company’s best quote online.

It’s convenient and easy to shop for moving companies online, but you’re not likely to get the best possible prices there. Instead, you should call moving companies and ask them to send a rep out to give you an in-person quote. That way, you’ll get an accurate estimate - and you won’t pay for average weight that the online calculators add in as a matter of routine.

#2. You’ll probably save money if you take apart your furniture yourself.

When you save the movers time, you’ll save money - in most cases. (You should definitely check with your moving company first, though.) Some things are worth letting the movers disassemble, though, especially if they’re complicated or time-consuming for you; pros know exactly how to take apart things like beds quickly and efficiently because they do it every day.

#3. You may want more than basic insurance.

Your moving company will probably offer you insurance options to cover your belongings if something happens to them, but you need to know that basic insurance doesn’t cost much. You should find out if your homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy covers damages that occur during moving, and if it doesn’t, then ask the mover about higher coverage options.

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