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Staging your home to sell it can be tough, but with these practical guidelines, you’ll be on track to sell it quickly (and at the right price).


5 Home Staging Tips From the Pros


First things first: Declutter your home before you attempt to sell it. Buyers don’t want to look past the clutter to envision themselves in your space – they simply don’t want to see it at all. Once your home is decluttered, give it a professional-grade cleaning. You want it to look easy to maintain, and the best way to do that is present it without a speck of dust anywhere.


Then – and only then – you can start staging your home for sale.


Staging Tip #1: Designate Each Room’s Purpose


Maybe you use the spare bedroom as an office, a spare bedroom and a storage space, but narrow it down to one purpose and stick to it. That way, even if buyers wouldn’t use the room for the same thing, they can see that there’s a clearly defined purpose (and other possibilities) for each room. Things change if you’re selling a condo, though – multipurpose rooms are good in some instances. (Talk to your Lakewood Realtor® to find out what’s more appropriate in your home.)


Staging Tip #2: Keep it Natural


You want to avoid eclectic décor and bright, bold colors that could drive some buyers away. That might mean repainting a room or two to make them more neutral (even if buyers will just paint it again in a few months anyway) so they appeal to the widest range of people.


Staging Tip #3: Minimalism is Best


Less is more when you’re selling your home, which means you should keep furnishings and décor to a minimum while still keeping the house livable. Buyers want space and the freedom to imagine their belongings in your home, which means you need to give them a nearly blank canvas to use.


Staging Tip #4: Give Your Space Some Life


Live plants and fresh flowers can go a long way to improving buyers’ impressions of your home, so add a few potted plants near windows to draw attention to the natural light they let in. Greenery or flowers can be appropriate, so whatever you choose, it’s going to be great.


Staging Tip #5: Go Contemporary


Contemporary décor shows that you’re modern, and that’s what buyers want. If you have outdated items, remove them and replace them with something modern and fresh. You can decorate your next home with them, and buyers will be better able to appreciate your home when it looks newer and well-cared-for.


Are You Ready to Sell Your Home in Lakewood?


We can help you sell your home in Lakewood or Long Beach quickly and at the right price. When you’re ready to start exploring your options, call us at 562-882-1581. 


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