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by Jesse Ocampo,
Cal Coast Termite & Pest Inc.



lthough we see freshly cut wood from our local lumberyards and hardware stores such as pine or douglas fir (as a favorite choice due to high moisture content found in them) drywood termites can infest pressure treated lumber and wood that has been treated with certain types of wood preservatives and cause damage.

But older drier wood found in some homes with less moisture can be less attractive (redwood included) when it is side by side with newer lumber but can still be infested by the drywood termite which makes its home inside the wood.


“So, the answer is YES!”


The best thing to do for your home is to determine if you’ve been infested by having a licensed professional come out and check the areas where wood is exposed and more vulnerable which is less seen by most homeowners such as attics, subareas and garages. They will let you know which course of action you can take to rid your home of any wood boring pests such as a simple spot treatment or fumigation.

You can visit our website to learn more about drywood termites as well as any other wood destroying organism.


If you think you may have seen termites and aren’t quite sure send us your samples for identification or call us to schedule a free termite inspection. We can be reached at 562-426-3566.

This is just another benefit of knowing an experienced Realtor® with connections to trustworthy companies such as Cal Coast Termite. Allison Van Wig recommends them for her clients and firmly believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.