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Could you create a meditation space in your home?


It would be a snap if you had enough room – but even if you don’t have much space to spare, there is hope!


How to Create a Meditation Space in a Small Home


Your private meditation space can squeeze in just about anywhere, from a spare bedroom to a cozy corner. If you’re searching for the perfect spot, think about:


  • Swapping out a regular bed for a loft bed
  • Putting nonessential furniture in storage (or getting rid of it entirely)
  • Closing off a corner with a privacy screen or hanging curtain


Where NOT to Put Your Meditation Space


You don’t want to meditate in a high-traffic area, so steer clear of the kitchen, the living room or anywhere too close to a bathroom. Stay away from the front door and rooms that face the street, too.


For many people, meditating in a home office is distracting, and meditating in the bedroom is too close to a great spot to nap.

Where NOT to meditate.png


What You Need in a Meditation Space


If you’re creating a meditation space in your home, no matter how big it is, the basics are:


  • Keep it clean and free from clutter
  • Include items that contribute to peace and tranquility
  • Something comfortable to sit on
  • Natural elements, like plants and rocks
  • Natural lighting
  • Something that has personal significance to you
  • Good air flow
great plants.png