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Whether you’re selling a home in Long Beach or you’re just ready to bring on the spring with plenty of room in your garage, you need to know how that it’s possible to declutter your garage in one weekend (or a couple of evenings—it’s your garage; you can work on it whenever you’d like).

How to Completely Declutter Your Garage in a Weekend

With just five simple steps, you can transform your garage’s entire look and give yourself all the space you need. From planning through execution, here’s what you need to do to turn your garage back into… well, a garage.

Garage Decluttering Tip #1: Plan

Your decluttering plan depends on why you’re tackling this project in the first place. Are you selling your house, making more room for your car, or turning it into a workspace? When you have a clear purpose, everything else (well, almost everything else) will fall into place.

Garage Decluttering Tip #2: Choose Your Solutions

If you’re organizing and decluttering your garage, you’re going to need storage solutions to stash your extra gear. It’s time to get creative, because this is about maximizing your space. If your garage has high ceilings, think about adding support beams that will double as storage space; if not, consider investing in built-in shelving units, pegboards, and utility shelves that will fit into a corner (you can pick any of these up at a home improvement store).

“Most of our home organization clients choose overhead racks for holiday décor that they only pull out once a year,” says Kristy Fontes, owner of Premium Cabinet Design in Portland. “That keeps it off the floor but still easily accessible.” The same is true for anything you don’t use very frequently—putting it up, above your parking spot, is ideal.

Garage Decluttering Tip #3: Say Goodbye

You know what you want your garage to look like; you figured that out during the planning stages. Now it’s time to get rid of anything that doesn’t match your vision. The best way to do that? Pull out everything that’s inside and put it in the driveway. That way, you can get your eyes on everything (and it’ll be easier to organize using your new storage solutions when you put it back in).

Bonus Tip: A good rule of thumb for purging your garage is to exclude tools, seasonal items, and emergency equipment; then, determine what you haven’t used in more than a year. Anything you haven’t used over the past 12 months (and that isn’t a tool, seasonal item, or piece of emergency equipment) can most likely be donated, sold, or thrown in the trash.

Garage Decluttering Tip #4: Sort it Out

Once you’ve gotten rid of the things you’re not keeping, it’s time to sort everything into groups. Check what you actually have on-hand against your plan, and don’t be afraid to readjust if you don’t have the right space.

Garage Decluttering Tip #5: Label and Put Away

Now you know where everything is, so it’s time to start putting it away. The items you use most should be the easiest to access. As long as everything has a place, you won’t have a problem keeping the garage organized over time.

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