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There’s a big demand for homes for sale with RV parking in Long Beach, but they’re not as easy to find as you think.


Should you buy a home with RV parking, or would you be better off storing your RV off-site? Here’s what you need to know.


Should You Buy a Home With RV Parking?


More RVs are hitting the market than ever before – but where are people parking them?


Homes with RV parking are the ideal solution (most neighborhoods have homeowners associations that regulate whether you can park them without a structure or whether it’s okay to park them in the street, so that’s another consideration). A home with RV parking typically features a 50-amp outlet so you can charge up (you can also use that type of outlet to charge an electric vehicle), and some even have a sewage connection outside the back door of the garage.


Some homes have actual RV garages, while others have RV ports. The difference? A port is a covered outdoor area at the side of the home that’s large enough to hold the RV but that’s still open – there’s no garage door or back wall.


However, when you don’t have RV parking right at your home, you’ll need to find an actual RV parking lot or similar solution.


An RV parking lot is designated space just for RVs. Some of the best-reviewed in Long Beach include:


Cherry-Carson RV & Self Storage
4160 Cherry Ave.
Long Beach


Paramount Carson RV & Boat Storage
2626 Cover St.


Storage Etc. Long Beach
2911 Redondo Ave.
Long Beach


When you’re choosing an RV storage location, it’s important you check the facility’s reviews first – and ask friends and family for recommendations to make sure you’re putting your vehicle in the right spot.


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