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Sometimes home-sellers want to be at home when potential buyers come to check things out.


But that’s a huge mistake.


Why Do Some Sellers Want to Be Home for Showings?


Some sellers prefer to be “in the loop” on what buyers think, or they feel as if they need to be there to answer buyers’ questions about the house. In other cases, sellers believe they can help sell the home by explaining its features or by giving potential buyers tours.


Buyers don’t want the sellers to be there, though, and here’s why.


Why Buyers Don’t Want You There for Showings


The last time you went to buy an appliance, was there a salesperson following you around? What if you were just browsing – would you find that the salesperson got in your way and prevented you from making the decision you wanted to make?


Buying a home is a lot like that, but it’s a much bigger purchase. In fact, it’s the biggest purchase most people will ever make in their lives.


If a seller is home during a showing, the buyers won’t want to talk freely between themselves or with their real estate agent. They may feel awkward that you’re there, and that will prevent them from getting comfortable and exploring the things they want to see.


You could actually kill a sale by being home when potential buyers stop by for a tour.


Your best bet is pack up your family and pets and leave. That way, buyers won’t feel awkward or like you’re “hovering.” They’ll have plenty of time to comfortably explore the home and they’ll be able to discuss what they like and don’t like without fear of hurting your feelings or offending you. They’ll also be able to ask their own agent questions, who can call your agent to get answers.


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