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Deciding to sell your home is a tremendous decision, and it’s one you haven’t taken lightly. You know that it’s a complex process and that many factors come into play—and one of the most important things you can do is hire a Lakewood or Long Beach Realtor® to help you sell it quickly (and at the right price).

There are seven major steps to selling a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, but you don’t have to go through them alone. Your Realtor will be there with you every step of the way.

The 7 Steps to Selling a Home in Lakewood or Long Beach, CA

Home-Selling Step 1: Find the Right Realtor

Finding a Realtor who’s extremely experienced in the Lakewood and Long Beach real estate markets is essential if you want to sell your home quickly and at the right price. You need a Realtor who has a strong track record of marketing and selling homes in the area so you can rest easy knowing that your transaction is in good hands.

Home-Selling Step 2: Prep Your Home for Sale

While major renovations probably shouldn’t be on your radar right now, repairs and cosmetic fixes should be. If your home needs a new roof, for example, now is the time to fix it. Don’t wait until a buyer uses it as a bargaining chip.

Home-Selling Step 3: Stage Your Home

Having your home staged (or staging it yourself) for sale can make a huge difference in your sale price. In some cases, it can be thousands. You don’t have to hire a professional stager to achieve great results, though; start by decluttering everything and removing furniture that makes spaces look cramped or crowded. Many people choose to rent a storage unit for their extra belongings, leaving everything tucked safely away until they move into a new home.

When you stage your home, you want buyers to envision their style in your space. They can’t do that if your personal effects, including photos, décor, and other items are everywhere.

Home-Selling Step 4: Set the Right Price

If you price your home too high, your home’s not going to sell—and you’ll eventually have to lower the price. Lowering the price leads buyers to believe something’s wrong with your home, and, you guessed it: it’s not going to sell.

Listen to your Realtor when he or she suggests a sale price for your home. Your agent isn’t pulling out a random figure and hoping it’ll stick; he or she is using years of experience, local market knowledge, and countless hours of training to determine the best possible price for your home.

Home-Selling Step 5: Let Your Realtor Handle the Marketing

A good Realtor will aggressively market your home to buyers. Not just any buyers, though—the right buyers. Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies and tried-and-true marketing tactics, your Realtor will make sure your home gets the right amount (and the right kind) of exposure.

Home-Selling Step 6: Rely on Your Realtor for Negotiations

Your Realtor is highly trained in negotiation, so when offers begin to come in on your home, it’s a good idea to let your agent help you prioritize them. Some buyers will want to offer you less than you believe your home is worth; others may ask you to make changes to your home before they’ll buy it. Your Realtor can help you decide how far you’re willing to go and negotiate with the buyer’s agent on your behalf.

Home-Selling Step 7: Close on the Home

After you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer’s lender will most likely require inspections, walk-throughs, and a few other things. You can sit tight while all this is being done; once everything is in order, you’ll be able to head to the closing table.

When you close, you’ll sign several documents and hand over the keys. It’s all a lot simpler than it sounds, particularly when you let your Realtor do the heavy lifting.

Are You Selling a Home in Long Beach or Lakewood, CA?

If you’re selling your home, we’ll be happy to give you a free comparative market analysis so you know how much it’s worth on today’s market. Call 562-882-1581 today or contact us online so we can help you sell your house quickly and at the right price.