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When you’re buying a home for sale in Long Beach or Lakewood, you’ll see the term “move-in ready” on a lot of real estate listings.


But what does that mean, and why does it matter to you?


What is “Move-In Ready” on a Real Estate Listing?


The term move-in ready means that the home is in great condition. You won’t have to make upgrades or repairs, and the house meets all the city or local government’s requirements (that usually includes plumbing, electricity, locking doors and windows, and passing some pest inspections).


Move-in ready homes are ready when you are. You might also see these homes referred to as “turn-key” homes.


(Want to see a great move-in ready home? Check out our Long Beach and Lakewood real estate listings!)


Here’s a better look at what move-in ready means:


  • You’re not going to have to wait on maintenance fixes, like dripping taps or sticky doors
  • Big-ticket items like HVAC systems are in good working condition
  • You don’t need to paint (or ask the seller to paint)
  • You feel the kitchen and bathrooms are in good shape and ready to use
  • The house is clean
  • The lawn is maintained

Are You Moving to Lakewood or Long Beach?


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