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When you’re selling your home in Lakewood, Long Beach or any of the surrounding communities, it’s incredibly important that you price it correctly right from the start.


Your Realtor® will be there to guide you during the entire process, and she’ll be able to tell you just what your home is worth on today’s market – but it’s up to you to listen to her pricing recommendation and follow it.


Why Pricing Your Home Right the First Time is SO Important


Your real estate agent will tell you just how much your home is worth on the current market, but it’s not a guess. It’s not even an educated guess… it’s a science, and your agent has it down.


Your Realtor will compare your home to other, similar homes in similar areas. She’ll look at every detail, from the square footage and the size of the yard to the upgrades you’ve put in, as well as all the little details that make your home special.


Your agent will only use very similar homes to make the comparison, because that’s the only way to reach an accurate price. The homes your agent will choose to compare will be in similar neighborhoods, too – including similar locations and those with similar amenities.


What Goes Into Determining Price?


Pricing your home correctly depends on many factors, including:


  • Size
  • Lot size
  • Upgrades
  • Amenities
  • Proximity to local amenities, schools and more
  • Age
  • Maintenance


If you’ve put major cash into your home for any reason, let your Realtor know so she can account for it when she’s figuring out how much your home is worth. Remember, though, that not all upgrades and improvements will raise your home’s resale value – and some things, such as a new roof or new HVAC system, simply count as maintenance that’s expected as part of home ownership.


What if You Get the Pricing Wrong?


Many sellers mistakenly believe that they can price a home high at first, and if they don’t get any offers, they’ll simply lower the price later.


That’s a huge mistake!


The first 30 days your home is on the market are the hottest. That’s when it gets the most attention. However, if it’s priced too high, you’re locking out a huge segment of potential buyers – they won’t even come to see your home because it’s out of their price range. Another thing: When it’s priced too high and buyers can get more house elsewhere for the same amount of money, they’re not going to want yours.


If you price it too low, you may sell it quickly… but you’re leaving money on the table (and who wants to do that?!).


The bottom line is that your Realtor knows what she’s doing when she tells you how much your home is worth. That’s why you hired her to list your house in the first place! Do yourself a favor and listen to your agent’s pricing recommendation – she’s in it to sell your home as quickly as she can, and for the best possible price.


Do You Need to Sell a Home in Lakewood or Long Beach?


If you’re thinking about selling your home in Lakewood or Long Beach, find out exactly how much it’s worth by calling (562) 882-1581 today. We can also explain our innovative marketing strategies that we use to get our clients’ homes in front of all the right buyers, so call us now.


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